Lac Long Quan

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Lac Long Quan, also known as Dragon King of Lạc or Sùng Lãm, is a semi-mythical king of the Hồng Bàng dynasty of ancient Vietnam. He is the main figure in the Vietnamese creation myth. Lac Long Quan, Dragon King of the Sea, fell in love with Au Co, a fairy from the mountains. Their union produced a sac of eggs from which 100 children hatched. Despite their great love, they were immensely different and decided to separate. Lac Long Quan took 50 children to the southern coast and Au Co took 50 children to the mountains in the north.

Tradition: Vietnam

Tasting Notes: honey, autumnal, toasted rice

Ingredients: oolong

Recommended Reading: Legends of Vietnam by Nghia M. Vo and The Dragon Prince by Thich Nhat Hanh

Size: 20g