Au Co

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Âu Cơ was a beautiful fairy who lived high in the snow-capped mountains of Vietnam. One day she came down to the lowlands and encountered Lac Long Quan, the dragon king. They fell in love and she bore a sac of eggs that hatched 100 children. Despite their love, Au Co missed the mountains and Lac Long Quan missed the sea. They decided to go their separate ways and each took 50 children with them. Au Co went to the mountains in the north and Lac Long Quan went to the southern coast. This cacao black tea blend tastes like a decadent hot chocolate on a cold, winter day.

Tradition: Vietnam

Tasting Notes: chocolate, slightly sweet, silky

Ingredients: Vietnamese black tea, vanilla bean bits, cacao powder, and vanilla flavor

Recommended Reading: Legends of Vietnam by Nghia M. Vo and The Dragon Prince by Thich Nhat Hanh

Size: 20g