About Us

Sip Sorceri is the result of a love of both tea and story. Founder, Aislin Grei, fell in love with loose leaf tea in her late high school years thanks to a bookish friend who hated coffee. This friend shared a local tea shop with her, and the rest is history, as they say. 

Over years of exploring the world of tea, Aislin has experimented with bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. She uses the meditative quality of tea to bring small moments of tranquility and connection to the chaos of life. Tea and the rituals around it have been instrumental in grounding Aislin in her body and creating space to connect with friends and family in a deep and meaningful way. 

On the other hand, story has been a way for her to escape this reality and jump into other worlds. Whether the material is ancient myth or modern story, Aislin finds the experience healing, didactic, and often joyful. This Stephen King quote has always resonated with her: fiction is the truth inside the lie. 

Sip Sorceri is the result of blending these two contradictory experiences of the realm of imagination together with reality for maximum magickal efficacy. May you find these tools useful in connecting with yourself, other people, and nature and creating a joyful existence for yourself!