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Also known as Amenouzume or Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, this female deity is best known for her role in the tale of the missing sun goddess, Amaterasu. When all the other gods failed to entice Amaterasu out of her hiding place in the Heavenly Rock Cave, Uzume danced atop an overturned tub at the entrance of the cave and created such a commotion by tearing off her clothes that the sun goddess emerged from her hiding spot and the gods were able to convince her to rejoin the divine and again light the world. For this reason, Uzume is considered the goddess of the dawn, revelry, and female power.

Tradition: Japan

Tasting Notes: jasmine, smooth, fruit

Ingredients: oolong, green tea, mango pieces, apple pieces, strawberry pieces, peach pieces, jasmine petals, and safflower petals

Recommended Reading: Japanese Mythology by Matt Clayton and the Kojiki by No Yasumaro Ō

Size: 20g