Tea for One Set - Forest

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This ceramic tea for one set has a teapot that rests upon its matching teacup for easy and balanced storage. Enjoy a small cup of tea to yourself!

This set is built for English-style brewing where you put the tea leaves directly in the teapot and use an over-the-cup strainer to stop any stray leaves from getting in your cup as you pour. Add more hot water to the teapot to enjoy a second and third infusion of your tea of choice!

Or if you prefer a more modern style of brewing, use a T-Sac Tea Filter so you can remove the leaves and get a more consistent brew. We recommend the Size 1 T-Sacs for this small tea set. 

Material: Lead-free Ceramic

Capacity: 9.7oz (275ml)

Care: Dishwasher Safe

Recommended Products: Perfect Tea Spoon - Angled, T-Sac Tea Filters - Size 1, or Modern Tea Strainer with Handle