Jin Mu Niang Niang

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This goddess is venerated in several Asian countries including China, Korea, and Taiwan. Her Taiwanese name means "Golden Mother," and her Chinese name, Xiwangmu, means "Queen Mother of the West." She is considered one of the most powerful and ancient goddesses and tends to the Peaches of Immortality in her sacred gardens. In early records, she was known as a death goddess with a fearsomeness likened to a tiger. It seems fitting that this oolong is scented with osmanthus, also called devilwood, and has hints of peach as an aftertaste.

Tradition: Taiwan

Tasting Notes: osmanthus, silky, stone fruit

Ingredients: oolong

Recommended Reading: Forbidden Nation by Jonathan Manthorpe and Transcendence and Divine Passion by Suzanne E. Cahill

Size: 20g