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Also called Inanna or the Queen of Heaven, this ancient Akkadian goddess was multifaceted. She is represented as a goddess of love and fertility, as a goddess of war with wings and weapons, and the celestial body, Venus, the morning and evening star. This puer blend was chosen for Ishtar because the Middle East is one of the largest producers of pistachios across the world. Pairing the nuttiness of pistachio with the smooth, earthy character of puer makes for a dessert-like cup of tea you won't soon forget.

Tradition: Middle East

Tasting Notes: pistachio, buttery, earthy

Ingredients: puer black tea, pistachios, flavoring, and peony petals (contains pistachios)

Recommended Reading: Mythology of Mesopotamia by History Brought Alive and Gilgamesh by Stephen Mitchell

Size: 20g