Cottage Witch Teapot

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This porcelain teapot is the perfect size for one or two people! It's off white or ivory color glaze is classic and translates well for both casual and formal occasions. The simple scalloped details are elegant without being too flashy. 

Pick up a couple of matching Cottage Witch Teacup & Saucers to make a complete tea set!

This set is built for English-style brewing where you put the tea leaves directly in the teapot and use an over-the-cup strainer to stop any stray leaves from getting in your cup as you pour. Add more hot water to the teapot to enjoy a second and third infusion of your tea of choice!

Or if you prefer a more modern style of brewing, use a T-Sac Tea Filter or Empress Tea Strainer so you can remove the leaves and get a more consistent brew. We recommend the Size 2 T-Sacs for this 2 cup teapot. 

Material: Lead-free Porcelain

Capacity: 17.6oz (500ml)

Care: Dishwasher Safe

Recommended Products: Cottage Witch Teacup & Saucer, T-Sac Tea Filters - Size 2, or Empress Tea Strainer