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Also known as Brigit or Bríg, this Celtic goddess is a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann and a daughter of Dagda. Brigid is one of the most popular goddesses of pre-Christian Ireland. She is full of contradictions like being both a goddess of fire and water, as well as a goddess of serenity and passion. She is known for many things including wisdom, poetry, healing, fertility, protection, smithing, and domesticated animals. She appears primarily in the form of a maiden or a mother, depending on the tale; these multiple forms may have been reflective of her status as a triple goddess. We chose this spring herbal blend to lean into Brigid as a goddess of fertility and healing.

Tradition: Celtic 

Tasting Notes: mint, floral, fresh

Ingredients: ginger, rosehip, peppermint, spearmint, raspberry leaves, chamomile, nettle, rose petals, lime leaves, lemongrass leaves, calendula petals, and marigold petals

Recommended Reading: Celtic Mythology by Philip Freeman and Celtic Tales by Kate Forrester

Size: 20g